About me

In this blog, I want to share interesting things I come across while solving coding problems.
And who am I?

I am a Physicist who writes open source code. What kind of code?

My journey has had lots of fun in it.
As a kid, I wrote at school a Space Invaders like game, using BASIC on an AMSTRAD.
During my studies, I wrote a Java program that detected clouds by processing visible and infra-red satellite images. I was co-author of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth WordPress plugin. I co-developed two different Perl testing frameworks for embedded software. I created Django-based Codespeed, the software that powers pypy.speed.org and speed.twistedmatrix.com, and in my devops adventures I started Overmind, LittleChef and Kitchen, all of them can be found at github.com/tobami.
My name is Miquel Torres.

Let’s continue the journey.